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2019 Opening of Calls for Applications Plan

The Annual Opening of Calls for Applications Plan enable potential beneficiaries of the European Structural Funds and Investment Funds (FEEI) to find out the dates of applications for the Portugal 2020 Operational Programs in order to prepare their applications in a timely manner.

For the current year, there are 47 notifices for the Competitiveness and Internationalization PO, 51 for the Social Inclusion and Employment PO, 35 for the Sustainability and Efficiency in the Use of Resources OP and 10 for the Human Capital PO.

It should be recalled that, with regards to the Innovation Incentive Systems (SI), these will already reflect the format changes announced in the reprogramming of Portugal 2020, to which a hybrid financial instrument was associated, in articulation with the banking system. This instrument is funded in part by the SI (non-refundable), and by the bank (refundable). This reinforcement of allocation will leverage an investment of 5 billion euros.

The timely alignment of a strategy and project to be submitted to any application is crucial. You can check the Annual Plan here.

NOTE: The "Registration for Aid Application" is in force, which allows the pre-registration of applications without any open calls for applications, which considers the existence of business innovation investment situations that require the financing of Portugal 2020 and are urgently required to be initiated to take advantage of market opportunities.

Prepare yourself in advance, know what the requirements are, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@neomarca.pt or by telephone: 210 001 617 (Lisbon) and 289 098 720 (Faro).