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2nd phase of the Program of Investment in Low Density Territories is now open

The new conditions are more advantageous for real estate investment operations, such as adaptation, expansion or re-qualification of properties to be acquired.

Turismo Fundos advances with the second phase of applications for the Program of Investment in Low-Density Territories. This new phase seeks to boost investment and promote the development and sustainability of regional economies.

It is now possible to frame the investment in adaptation, extension and/or requalification of the properties to be acquired.

It will also be permissible to apply part of the financial resources to non-real estate investment, such as the purchase of equipment, furniture and decoration, promotion and marketing or cancellation of any existing financial burdens on the property.

The purchase of real estate is also allowed in this second phase of the program. It will be possible to acquire mixed or rustic buildings, as well as the acquisition of building leases or other rights of equivalent content.

This 2nd phase of applications is open until March 31, 2019.


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For more information about the application procedure, you can contact our team by email info@neomarca.pt or by telephone 210 001 617 (Lisbon) and 289 098 720 (Faro).

Source: Alentejo 2020