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Alentejo opens calls for Portugal 2020 applications

Alentejo 2020 has opened two new calls for applications to support the financing of SMEs that contribute to the goals stipulated in the Notices of SI Productive Innovation and SI Entrepreneurship. Applications are open until March 16 and incentive fees range from 30% to 75% of total eligible expenses.

Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship 

Objectives: To reinforce the levels of qualified and creative entrepreneurship (including technology-based entrepreneurship) through direct support to entrepreneurs, favouring the emergence of new business opportunities, especially in creative and innovative fields, and the development of companies in high and medium-high technology sectors. Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship also includes the activities within the cultural and creative industries.

Company typologies: a) The creation of companies that carry out activities in sectors with strong growth dynamics, including those integrated in creative and cultural industries, and / or sectors with greater intensity of technology and knowledge;

b) The creation of companies that value the application of R & D results in the production of new goods and services;


Productive Innovation

Objectives: focus on investments in the field of differentiation, diversification and innovation, in the production of tradable goods and services and within the framework of production lines and wider value chains that generate greater added value.

Company typologies: a) The creation of a new establishment;

(b) increasing the capacity of an existing establishment;

(c) the diversification of the production of an establishment for products not previously produced in the establishment;

(d)a fundamental change in the overall production process of an existing establishment;


To find out if your investment plan can apply for this incentive system, just schedule a meeting with our team. Contacts: info@neomarca.pt 918 712 060 (Alentejo), 289 098 720 (Algarve), 21 000 16 17 (Lisbon).