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Applications open for SME qualification projects

Benchmarking actions or promoting the inclusion of SMEs into the digital economy are just some of the eligible actions. The application deadline ends on September 28.


Objectives: strengthening the organizational and management capacities of SMEs through the development of strategic and competitive management capacities, modern networks for the distribution and placement of goods and services and the use of ICT.

Projects that aim to promote the competitiveness of SMEs and their capacity to respond in the global market with qualification actions in the following non-material domains are eligible for support:

a) organizational innovation and management

b) digital economy and information and communication technologies

c) branding and design

d) development and engineering of products, services and processes

e) industrial property protection/patents

f) quality

g) knowledge transfer

h) distribution and logistics

i) eco-innovation

The beneficiaries of this support are SME companies in any region of the Continent.

The minimum limit of total eligible expenditure per project is 25,000 euros, and a 45% financing rate is applied. Exception for Lisbon region, where the maximum rate will be 40%.

The deadline for applications ends on September 28, 2018. You can consult the notice here: NOTICE Nº 26 / SI / 2018.

Betting on your company's qualification is the way to stay relevant in an ever-changing global marketplace.

For more information on this incentive system you can contact us at info@neomarca.pt or telephone 289 098 720/210 001 617.