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Forecasts for the Hospitality Sector Lisbon and Porto 2019

In 2019, Lisbon and Porto maintain positive indicators within the hospitality sector compared to other European cities, although the growth forecast for the two cities is expected to decrease slightly.

A study published by PwC on the two Portuguese cities reveals that Hotel indicators such as the Average Daily Rate (ADR), RevPar or Average Occupancy, will continue to rise.

The sense of security in the country is referred to in the study as a positive factor, along with the fact that Lisbon and Porto enjoy good free wireless communications infrastructure. The relative capacity of Lisbon Airport is seen as a negative point that can undermine the city's tourism.

Occupancy Rate

The highest growth forecast for 2019 will be for Prague (82.3%), followed by London (82.3%) and Amsterdam (81.6%). In the list of 12 cities, Lisbon appears in 4th place, with an expected occupancy rate of 78.8%, with Porto in 7th place, with 77.1%.

Average Daily Rate (ADR)

According to the study, the average daily rate is expected to rise for Lisbon, to € 127.7. The ADR for Porto is also forecast to increase to € 105.8. At the top of the table, which encompasses 12 countries, is Geneva (€ 245.8), Paris (€ 241) and Zurich (€ 195.6).


The forecast for Lisbon is that RevPAr will increase to € 100.6 and € 81.6 for Porto. For Porto, it will be almost € 110 less than Paris, which is at the top of the table, with a RevPAR forecast of € 187.6. This is closely followed by Geneva (172,9 €) and Zurich (143,2 €).


Source: PwC