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Applications now open for MAR 2020 for the Barlavento Algarvio area

Applications for investments in the DLBC Costeiro Barlavento of the Algarve area are open.

The applications, open until December 22, are directed at projects with the following objectives:

  • Innovation in maritime space
  • Educational and professional qualifications related to the aquatic environment
  • Promotion of sea plans
  • Preservation, conservation and enhancement of heritage and natural and landscape resources
  • Reinforcing the competitiveness of tourism
  • Reinforcing the competitiveness of fisheries
  • Promotion of quality local products
  • Improvement of the food and local market channels, related to the sea


The reimbursement will be 50%, in cash, up to a maximum of 200 thousand euros of incentive. Micro and small enterprises whose projects are aimed at promoting local products, developing new activities and services linked to the sea, such as tourism, and supporting the valuation of the maritime heritage can apply.

To find out if your investment plan can apply for this incentive system, just schedule a meeting with our team. Contacts: info@neomarca.pt or 289 098 720.