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Open pre-registration of applications for Incentives Systems

This "Registration for Aid Application" safeguards the start of investments, allowing pre-registration of applications even without any open calls for applications.

The initiative aims to stimulate business investment and was implemented for applications to the Incentives Systems for Productive Innovation and Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship.

It was created in light of the existence of business innovation investment situations that require Portugal 2020 funding and urgently need to be initiated in order to take advantage of market opportunities. As Portugal 2020 does not allow the support for projects already started, this way they do not have to delay starting the projects and safeguard the beginning of the investments.

Consult the Open Registration for Aid Application notices:

Incentive System for Qualified and Creative Entrepreneurship - Notice N.º 17/SI/2018

Productive Innovation Incentive System - Notice N.º 16/SI/2018

Please note that: this notice is intended only as a mechanism to receive the pre-registration applications, no decision, commitment of funding or analysis of the act of registration of that aid application will be taken.

For more information, you can contact our team through info@neomarca.pt or telephone 210 001 617 (Lisbon) and 289 098 720 (Faro).

Source: IAPMEI