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Zero Carimbos in Portugal 2020

Portugal 2020 – zero stamps measures

Under Portugal 2020, the Government has decided to abolish the obligation of official stamps on the invoices of co-financed projects. This measure entered into force on 18 January for programs under the European Social Fund (ESF).

However, the Managing Authorities warn that the following substituting procedures will be the responsibility of the promoter:

Self-declaration that there is no double financing by the beneficiaries in the payment request itself (functionality of Balcão 2020 which is already in force), by means of the following terms and conditions, which appear on the payment request form and must be accepted by the Super User, at the time of submission:

  1. that the expenditure declared and financed in this request for payment has not been and will not be submitted for other public financing support;
  2. to be aware of the regional, national and EU rules governing access to FEEI support, and ensure compliance with these;
  3. that the information contained in this request for payment is true and no information requested is omitted.


The stamps are placed on the invoices. For more information on this measure, see Zero Carimbos Portugal 2020