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As a company that works in Management Consulting, Neomarca - Inovação & Desenvolvimento, Lda is conscious of its responsibility and the impact of its activities on the sustainability of it clients businesses and on society in general.

Neomarca is committed to creating a climate of individual and collective creativity, which promotes the production of knowledge, innovation, learning and the use of innovation opportunities and continuous improvement of its processes and services and the entire organizational structure.

In this way, Neomarca sets out the following principles and objectives that underpin its Quality and Innovation Policy.

  • Develop a Culture of Competence, Quality and Innovation, through the promotion of creativity campaigns, analysis of opportunities, promotion of events and activities to reinforce operational values among the members of its team;
  • Promote Neomarca as a point of reference for innovation in its areas of operation;
  • Encourage information, communication, recognition, innovation, creativity and differentiation in the organization;
  • Encourage the motivation, creativity and qualification of employees in order to continuously promote a culture of rigor and an environment that generates scientific and technological knowledge.
  • Assume a commitment to Innovation and Continuous Improvement through innovation projects, supported by adequate market, technological and organizational surveillance.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of its management system through the evaluation of results and consequent corrective action and improvement.
  • Define, revise and clarify objectives and goals, thus reinforcing the degree of competitiveness.
  • Promote awareness and training of employees to strengthen their skills and qualification and to improve quality of life.
  • Satisfy clients' needs by providing them with services that match their expectations in order to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty with the Neomarca brand.
  • Take advantage of the market opportunities created by offering innovative and effective solutions for the Client and Neomarca.
  • Comply with the general and specific legislation and regulations applicable to its activities, as well as the requirements of the Standards NP EN ISO 9001 and NP 4457.
  • Ensure the efficient use of resources and the incorporation of innovative technologies in the management of their activities, minimizing activities without added value, in order to guarantee the sustainability of the company.
  • Establish partnerships focused on mutual benefits.


Neomarca, as a socially responsible company, is made up of a motivated, competent and innovative team, committed to generating value for its clients, employees and partners, and in general for interested parties.