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Planning well to do better

Preparing a Business Plan will allow the manager to use tools that contribute their understanding of the surrounding environment, allowing decision-making about the pattern of behaviour of markets and clients that it aims to reach.

A Business Plan is an important instrument to deal with the changes of the internal and external environment. It will be another input for the success of the company, conciliating strategy with corporate reality.

Our consultancy services include, in addition to preparing a Business Plan, a review of the performance indicators and necessary corrective measures for business to develop according to the strategic aims defined.

The Business Consultancy will allow the manager to:

  • Review the economic and financial viability of their projects;
  • Plan and control resources and activities efficiently, minimising risk;
  • Assess and control the company’s objectives by creating a panel of key-indicators (KPI);
  • Present the project to potential investors, banks and commercial partners.

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