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Agro-Food Sector | Exports

The volume of exports by companies that produce and trade agricultural products increased by 23% in 2017, compared to the previous year.

This conclusion results from an analysis of the annual statements (IES) that the companies reported in relation to 2017.

The sector has around 5,900 companies, which together generated 3.349 billion euros, with the largest 1,000 companies (16.7%) in the sector accounting for 2.867 billion euros in turnover (85% of the total).



Over the last five years, between 2013 and 2017, exports recorded by the companies via IES have grown steadily, rising from 246 million in 2013 to 437 million euros in 2017, equivalent to a growth of 77% in five years, i.e. an average of more than 15% per year.

This trend has been accompanied by a growing number of exporting companies, which increased from 605 in 2013 to 762 in 2017 (an increase of more than 25% in the number of operators with overseas sales).


An increase in the number of jobs in companies within the sector has also been observed, rising from 7698 in 2013 to 11,029 in 2017, which corresponds to an increase of more than 43% in the space of 5 years.


The exporting companies are mainly located in the North (34.3%) and in Lisbon (24.9%), followed by the Alentejo region (19%), the Centre (13%) and the Algarve (8.4%).

Together these companies have a turnover of 1,858 billion euros, with companies based in Lisbon accounting for almost 50% of this value, followed by the North (21%), Alentejo (13%), Algarve ( 9%) and Centro (6%).


Note: the analysis was undertaken by accessing data registered in the database SABI: System of Analysis of Iberian Balances up to August 6, 2018 (date after the deadline for delivery of statements for IES). The data of companies registered with the following CAE´s (activity codes) were considered: 011 - Temporary crops, 012 - Permanent crops, 013 - Cropping of vegetative propagating material, 0163 - Preparation of agricultural products for sale, 4631 - Wholesale trade fruit and vegetables.