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January registers a strong growth in companies

In the first month of 2018 4,912 companies and other organizations were born, an increase of 10.3% over the previous year.

Driven by economic development, real estate and construction activities are the two sectors that have grown the most in the number of new companies, with 140 more companies (+ 44.7%) and 118 more companies (+ 28.5%). Services and Retail are the sectors with the highest absolute number of new companies (1589 and 639).

According to the InformaDB Barometer, the two largest districts in terms of number of companies (Lisbon and Porto) are also the ones with the highest number of enterprise births: 240 companies and other organizations are born in Lisbon (+ 16.6%), and in Porto a further 111 (+ 14.1%) were born.

In the last 12 months, the number of companies created by each one that closes was 2.7 (births / closures ratio) a slightly higher figure than a year ago (2,3). The sectors with the highest birth / closure ratio are Real estate activities (6.5) and Agriculture, livestock, fishing and hunting (4.1).


Source: Informa.